About Women: Reclaimings & Reflections

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Here's the thing about women: we have moods and we are meant to.

Women were brought onto this planet to care. We have evolved to be the keepers of our planet in so many ways. Women are warriors for our children and have the capacity to be sensitive, loving, and intuitive to our partners' needs.

Women are emotional, moody, sexual beings, and we are shamed for it. Almost every young girl is taught to tamp it down. A woman with emotions and a charismatic sexuality can make some people judgmental and uncomfortable.

Women are over medicated and shamed for our very being, so that other people can be more comfortable around us. There is a desire to control us. Even other women want to control us if we are one of the women who have broken free from the fear.

The world actually needs our empathy, compassion, sexuality, vulnerability, receptivity, and emotional range for a more beautiful world and the continued evolution of our species.

This world needs more of what comes naturally to being a woman NOT less. Our emotions, our sadness, our anger, our hunger for more, the scent of our arousal, the swing of our hips, and our anxiety. And yes, all of this may make some people uncomfortable. It may therefore make us feel uncomfortable. The "us" being women. But it's a part of our natural biology. A women’s ability to express her emotions and sexuality in all of its variations is a symptom of her health and power --- not disease. Deal with it. This is normal not broken.

A woman cannot make society see her differently simply because she rejects societies messages about how she is suppose to walk in the world. There are too many messages coming from too many directions projecting constantly at her. But a woman can completely transform her own perceptions of her sexuality, her body, and her right to pleasure.

Each woman has the power to do this by reclaiming, and coming back to her own body. She does this by actively rejecting the notions that she is not enough, or that her body is unacceptable for joy. She does this by being willing to believe in her natural right for pleasure --- that belongs to all women of every age, and every possible physical presentation --- and by actively moving the obstacles that block her from access to this joy.

This is what I mean when I talk about women needing access to a self school --- not a sex school. It's only through this extraordinary work of pushing back ingrained cultural and marketing messages that we can make space for radical self compassion and full on happiness in the lives of women. Each woman who participates in these acts of courageous rebellion for her own right to pleasure in her own unique and unqualified beauty, plants the seeds for our culture to shift and change. 

I hope there is something here for you.

With so much love,

Pamela Madsen


P.S. Did you see we announced two new retreats for 2023? Including one that's great for stepping in for the first time and planting those seeds... Check them out!