How To Change Your Mind (Really)

Dear People of the Page,

Here's the thing about women, arousal and orgasm --- our pleasure is like really fine wine. The kind you find in barrels in ancient vineyards that can be described with various flavor notes of subtle and not so subtle flavors.

For us to reach such profound deep erotic trance states, the mystical magical glitter filled potent life changing orgasmic flow that some people believe can only be reached by medicine journeys taken with mushrooms or other substances --- rather than with deeply aroused vulva ---- we need an erotic foundation. I'm talking about the kind of "Foreplay" that can take the kind of time that monks devote to a pilgrimage.

For women to reach these kinds of deeply spiritual and revolutionary orgasmic peaks they need to build or have a built around them a container that they can truly let go in. This is no small thing. Creating this can take time. Not the kind of time where we worry that we are "taking too long".

For women to really get this, they have to be willing to go to the next level. And there is always the next level.

There is always something to learn. There is always another stage of surrender and a new portal to access.

Invest in your sex. Go on a magical tour inside of your own body. Explore in your possibilities. It's not in the mushroom; it's in your arousal. Really. 

I hope there is something here for you,  Pamela Madsen