Screw Erotic Band Aids

Do you want to live in a state of arousal? That feeling of being a "Turned On" woman or a "Badass Woman"? Or does that just seem like bullshit? Just another cliché or turn of phrase? Let's put it another way; Do you want to be astonished at your own heat and open creativity? It has taken me a while to realize that not all women walk around "warm". That arousal for them was this place right before sex happens, instead of an almost constant place of being filled with intuitive knowledge, for them to take as guidance into every aspect of their life. I realized that not feeling arousal and not even being sure what it was is a major source of pain and confusion for many women. Arousal is not always about wetness.

We live in a world of Band-Aids. And Band-Aids can make us feel better in the moment. Food can be a Band-Aid or Booze or Shopping or the latest sex toy. But what if we took the Band-Aids off of sex coaching and supported women to go deeper into herself --- for herself, and allowed her to learn about the deep infinite wisdom of her own arousal? If we encouraged living without band aids and instead provided the opportunity for women to listen to their own bodies without distraction? This is the kind of healing that most women need. It was what I needed. It was through this place that I was able to get in touch with what my body was trying to communicate with me.

Our Arousal holds truths like a mystic with a crazy ball of 8 that will tell us what we need to know if only we would choose to listen.

And of course there are band aids. I lived with band aids for most of life. And learning to listen to my arousal and apply the message to my life has not always been easy.

So what does it mean if we are not living in arousal? It means that our vaginas may start to hurt and become dry. Women become sad, angry, and jealous. We may drop out of sisterhood. When we are in right relationship with our arousal, our world shifts.

Women are naturally warm, moist creatures. We are the river. A woman who lives in her arousal flows and sometimes bursts with heat and wetness. Our imagination flows like our blood through our veins. We are creation in action. Without even being touched. Women who are in right relationship with their bodies and their arousal seem to just go through life with a sense of openness that allows them to hear and follow their intuitive guidance. This is the essence of the feminine nature. You were born this way. Some of us got this drilled out of us. We were carefully taught to tune it all out.

You can bring it back. You can be the river --- and flow in warmth.

Fuck the Band-Aids.

Loving you from here.

Pamela Madsen