Sex is a Body Experience

Hi dearest followers of the blog,

Sex is a Body Experience.

We all know that sex has to do with the body, yet we try to illuminate our erotic selves mostly through the indirect experience of talking or reading or watching videos. Following Instagram accounts that give us nicely packaged, bite sized insights into the erotic and sexuality. Sex therapy has in most cases ironically extracted the body from sexual healing and education.

But sex is a body experience.

Our direct somatic experience of sex often has no words. It is of the body.

We cannot support people in body acceptance, expanding their sexual capacity, or healing sexual trauma only through cognitive and medical methods. When these are the only offerings the most crucial element, the body, is left out. What does the body think -- no, wait -- what does the body feel? How could it feel? What would happen if it felt this?

It's time to incorporate somatic approaches into the lives of more people. We must awaken to the understanding that we need to touch the body in order to hear it and give the body expression. We need to bring our understanding about sex back to the body.

What is your experience? I would love to know.

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen

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