The Profound Effect of Live Demos

Dear People of The Page,

Back to the Body offers something unique. Something that upon witnessing has even deeply affected our own practitioners: our live demos.

At Portal events especially, we offer women a glimpse at our work directly, through these demos. I get up on the table myself. I show you what is possible. I let you witness me, in motion, in vulnerability, in power.

Court Vox, one of our certified Back to the Body Practitioners and founder of The Body Vox, shared this video of us (See Below in Comments) demonstrating a small slice of our work, and wrote the following about the profound effect witnessing a live demo had on him.

"I had been in training to become a sex and intimacy coach for almost 2 years when I met Pamela Madsen. We were introduced by my teachers at the time, we met over Zoom, as you do, and we hit it off. It was as if we’d known each other before, in another lifetime, or lifetimes even. She invited me to come to Thailand with her and the Back to the Body team as an apprentice. It was a dream invitation: to travel, doing what I love, and with one of the most prolific sex educators in our field.

Pamela does something special, unique to her teaching, something I had never seen before and that is, she demonstrates what sexological bodywork can look like, live, in the flesh, in front of witnesses. What I experienced in seeing her that first time on the table was invigorating, emotional, and it made me want to be like her, only in my body. In that moment she permissioned me to step deeper into the authentic self I knew was in me and hadn’t yet met. She made me want to roar louder than a lion, move simultaneously like a boxer and a ballerina, be open to balling my eyes out, connect with a higher power, and finish with the biggest orgasm known to man. She permissioned me like she has thousands of others to shamelessly practice embodiment and to pursue pleasure with wreck less abandon.

Little did I know that Pamela would become my most important mentor, teaching partner, business partner, and one of the great loves of my life. And yet, here we are, almost 2 years later, and it is us in this video demonstrating what embodiment can look like, together. This is a but a small glimpse of the special magic that is Pamela Madsen." 

 What could witnessing a live demo ignite in you? What permission will you take?

Join us in December at our Portal in Los Angeles and discover for yourself! We've been doing Portals for 7 years now, and they've become the doorway for women to begin their pilgrimage to pleasure. Come to this unique event to be ignited!, get your questions answered, witness demos, participate in workshops that will give you tools to take home with you!, and come alive in your body!

This is your invitation to the magic. I hope you'll take it.

Loving you from here,

Pamela Madsen