Understanding the Magic of Erotic Immersion

What is erotic immersion? And what can its magic transform?

Back to the Body™’s method utilizes the power of erotic immersion to support women learning how to communicate their desires, wants, and needs. But have you ever wondered more about what this means and what it can help unfold? Join the whole Back to the Body™ team in this webinar as we discuss the magic of erotic immersion! We recorded it so you can still have access to its information and wisdom even if you missed us live. Covering topics and answering questions such as:

  • how does erotic immersion teach us how to form deeper connections in our bodies?

  • how does it help you find your voice?

  • what is embodied learning and why is it so crucial?

  • how does immersion support women who are healing from trauma?

  • why immersion is the most powerful support for transforming your sexual life?

and more! Check it out and bring your curiosity, your questions, and your open mind to learn all about how each practitioner on our team approaches erotic immersion and why we hold it as so key to the entire Back to the Body™ experience!

Watch the webinar here!

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