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New Orleans: Surrender Retreat 2022

New Orleans, Louisiana

May 18 - 25 2022

Journey into your fantasies at Chateau Surrender…

A special fantasy edition Back to the Body retreat, years in the making, is finally ready to open its doors to you. Are you ready to step inside? To adventure into surrender?

For 8 women who are curious and ready to drop into their deepest fantasies, we invite you to come play. This is an invitation to practice the art of letting go, of power, of surrender, of pleasure. This isn’t your average Back to the Body retreat (as if any of them are "average") -- our Back to the Body boundaries will be in place, always holding a "safe enough" container by amazing practitioners certified in our ethics & practices -- we will be exploring deeper than ever before, into untapped potentials, tastes you want to savor longer. We will journey together into the place of fantasy and stories, myths and archetypes.

We will follow Persephone, that goddess of growth & the underworld, who embraced all aspects of herself in her journey. You may have heard the stories before -- how she was kidnapped to be made Hades’ bride, how she was stolen from the sunlight up above -- but that is not how it really went. Persephone forged her own path, like powerful women do, and renounced the stories told about her. For Persephone chose to journey into the underworld, to become Hades’ queen, to rule below and above, in the shadows and the light. We follow Persephone in our own journeys into shadowy desires, into power, into surrender, into the unknown. Persephone teaches us that we all hold duality: we contain multitudes, we can want multitudes in return.

What are the multitudes of your desires? The fantasies you long for?

Do you want to play with power, surrender, and intimacy? To explore your strength, your vulnerability, to push your capacity for pleasure? To lose yourself in the moment of impact, in stern touch or soft caress, your mind quiet? What do you crave?

You are not going to have to manage this.

Over the course of the retreat you’ll have the chance to experience what it's like to totally let go. To experience submission, impact play, surrender, new sensations (from light to dark), denial (did you know that there can be extreme pleasure in denial?), and overwhelming ecstasy. When you say yes to entering our erotic storybook fantasy you’ll begin a very deep intake process, allowing each woman to fully negotiate her desires, what she wants to explore, her boundaries, and more. Each day of the retreat your team will check in with you, giving you a chance to discuss any shifting desires, the subtle expansion of exploring what you’ve always wanted to, but not had the chance before. Boundaries may shift over the course of the week as you discover the specifics of your fantasies or learn of new ones, but to hold the safety of our container they will never change in a day. You will be taught all the ways that the BDSM community has taken safety and care to a whole new level, allowing you to drop in further or ease up whenever you need. We are building a space for you to explore beyond what you were told desire should be -- to instead explore all it can be.

Back to the Body: Surrender is a way to explore intense sensuous pleasures from a safe, intimate container built to hold and support you.

To apply to our Chateau, to explore your fantasies, reserve your spot today. All who join us will be sent a special invitation into surrender, as well as a care package, with further instructions to prepare you for your journey.

Do you need a conversation before you commit? Schedule a consultation with our team!

Experiences include...

  • An opportunity to leave your real world behind and drop into an erotic immersive fantasy.
  • An invitation to experience grown up role play combined with Back to the Body Method™ sensuous bodywork.
  • Experiencing the difference between enduring and surrender.
  • Workshops, teaching, and support are carefully blended into the immersion to assist you in identifying your desires, safely exploring them, and becoming the embodied woman you know yourself to be.
  • Discovering that your sexual autonomy and authority is not lost when you surrender, but that surrender is an active state.
  • Group discussions on fantasy, body image, trance states, sub space, orgasm, sexuality, speaking desire, power play, understanding boundaries, and how to open to more pleasure in our daily lives. Melt into a sisterhood experience like no other.
  • Explore your strength, vulnerability, and capacity for pleasure!

Reserve your spot now

This retreat will be staffed by our Back to the Body Somatic Sex Educators and Pamela Madsen. An additional team of professional support staff will be available, and of course our private Chef.

This retreat is open to 6-8 women.

All staff are fully vaccinated, masking when out, and arrive with a negative covid test. All attendees are required to be vaccinated, as well as provide a negative Covid test result within 78 hours of the retreat or less.

We are offering shared rooms, and have one private room still available, in a luxury Chateau, near the Seventh Ward & Treme Districts of New Orleans.

Our amazing, decadent venue includes pool, hot tub, clawfoot bathtubs, classic New Orleans' style parlor, and more!

Investment: $12,000

A minimum non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is required to secure your spot in the workshop. Payment can be made online with a credit card. Paying in full will secure a 3% discount off the total price ($11,640). Payment plans available for those who put down deposits!

Once we receive your deposit we will send you a formal Registration Confirmation with further information about the program. You will receive 2-3 other correspondences by email prior to the retreat with information about New Orleans, how to prepare, and an electronic invoice for the balance.

All who register will also receive a special invitation into surrender by mail, as well as a care package, with further instructions to prepare you for your journey.

What is included

  • The complete experience of Chateau Surrender

  • All workshops and facilitation by the Back to the Body™ team

  • Complimentary bodywork sessions

  • Demonstrations & excursions

  • Meals and lodging

What is not included

  • Airfare, airport transfers to retreat location

  • Lodging prior to the retreat and after

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