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Back to the Body EVERYDAY

Our Virtual Immersion Experience is NOW ENROLLING

July 15 - August 1 2020

Enrolling now for the first 30 women. Schedule your consult today (link below)

To meet the growing need for online sex education, intimacy, and relationship coaching and to support Back to the Body (BttB) participants before, during and after retreats, we have created a brand new and innovative educational and support program that is in alignment with the BttB Somatic philosophy. In the last ten years, Back to the Body has created a unique approach to somatic education while offering a holistic alternative to traditional therapy. Back to the Body has proven itself to be a repeatable program with scientific data to back it up.

Our new online mentorship has been so popular, we will be offering a second cohort of women. Each month you will get supported in your sexual journey.

  • Create your own sexual wholeness plan

  • Learn what stops you from getting what you want in partnership

  • Explore your edges and your comfort zones

You will be assigned to one our carefully trained sexologist to meet monthly for individual coaching and support. Back tot he Body founder Pamela Madsen, a Certified Sex Educator with a Masters in Education, will lead a monthly virtual classroom, with plenty of time for questions and answers. And, following Back to the Body's unique triadic model, you will be assigned a male practitioner to meet with monthly. A private virtual nest will be created for this group of women starting in August of 2020 to further facilitate sisterhood and sharing.

Activities Include...

  • Sexual Authenticity Model
  • Core Erotic Themes
  • Body Change Issues and Understanding Body Betrayal
  • Outercourse
  • Sharing of homework assignments
  • Relationship Stumbling Blocks
  • Exploring The Erotic Arts of Seduction
  • Surrender vs Submission
  • How our family narrative influences our sexuality and how we can move to a place of healing
  • How to be a better sexual partner to yourself and your partner
  • Exploring Self Touch
  • Understanding Directions of Touch

Reserve Your Spot Now

Registration begins now for our next session. To get on the list of this limited in size program, email or sign-up for a consultation.

Private and Group Sessions will be conducted through Zoom and participants will book their own Private 1:1 session through the mentorship calendar that you will have direct access to.  Pamela will match you with the Somatic Sex Educator from her team, just as she does for immersion retreats.

This program breaks down to a $600/month investment with options to dive in for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Reserve your spot with a $600 deposit or pay in full here



More To Look Forward To...

  • Support and Techniques for keeping arousal alive in your everyday life
  • Body Positivity
  • Addressing Sexual Boredom and Low Libido
  • Navigating the online dating world
  • Rekindling Desire in Your Relationships
  • Flirting as an Antidepressant
  • Understanding Somatic Sex Education
  • Understanding trauma, how it’s held in the body, and techniques to release it
  • Learning how to feel safe with the masculine
  • Practicing Communication skills with your practitioner
  • Understanding safe enough sex practices and learning how to share your sexual history with a partner and learn about theirs
  • Explore sexual fantasies in a non judgmental environment
  • Personalized curriculum created for your own personal need.

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