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PERMISSION: A Back to the Body Portal for Women

Central Los Angeles, in Silver Lake (private address provided to registrants)

December 3 1:00AM - 5 2022 1:00AM UTC

Give yourself Permission: a non-residential weekend for women, with Back to the Body™

PERMISSION: A Back to the Body™ Portal for Women

December 2nd 6 - 9 pm December 3rd 10 am - 6 pm December 4th 10 am - 6pm

What would happen if you gave yourself Permission?

Permission to see what could be possible for you, rather than what was fed to you.

Permission to find what gets you aroused, and to ask for it.

Permission to discover your sexual authenticity.

Permission to expose the obstacles in the way of getting what you want, and then overcome them.

Want to discover more and join other women celebrating Permission-ing themselves? This December 2-4, in Los Angeles, Back to the Body™ will be hosting one of our rare and highly sought after Portal events for women! This non-residential event allows women to ask questions and explore what Back to the Body™ offers in a safe, weekend container.

Have you been curious about our retreats and what we offer? Have you been reading Pamela's writings for years and been thinking "one day I'll go to a retreat"? This is the opportunity to meet Pamela and her core team of practitioners, have deep conversation together and ask personal questions, and experience what we offer in an accessible format!

Back to the Body™ is the premiere offering for sensual retreats for women and is currently celebrating its 12th year! By experiencing a combination of sexological bodywork and The Back to the Body Method™, women who attend our retreats have seen proven growth in feeling better about their body and genitals, being able to identify and then asking for what they want, and exploring orgasm and arousal. Unilaterally, what we here most is women feeling safe in our container, and being able to cultivate that safety as they integrate their learnings into the rest of their lives. The Permission Portal is a way for women to get a taste of our hallmark program, and leave with tools that they can start using immediately in their lives.

Witness live demonstrations on arousal potential and full body expansion, using the Back to the Body Method™!

Receive the Art of Adoration and see your beauty in a new light!

Experience the Lotus Lift Meditation©, as featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!

Enjoy workshops exploring fantasy, navigating touch, the power of surrender, tapping into your erotic, and more!

Embrace your Permission!

Snacks will be provided each day, with lunch available for purchase or on your own Saturday & Sunday. This Portal is limited to 22 women! Spots will fill quickly!

All staff at this portal are vaccinated & masking when out. Proof of vaccination required for all attendees.

Activities Include...

  • participate in “the art of adoration”, a hallmark experience of back to the body™’s portal event where you will become living sacred art!
  • witness a live demonstration of the Back to the Body Method™ and get all of your questions answered!
  • experience the Lotus Lift Meditation, as featured in O, The Oprah Magazine!
  • understand your erotic evolution to explore your unique journey
  • explore why fantasy can increase desire
  • learn about your life’s phases as a woman, and how they connect to your desire
  • rediscover your arousal and orgasm
  • ask your questions about full body expansion
  • feel empowered to take the next step in your sexual journey

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EARLY BIRD PRICING -- $650 for the Full Weekend Experience! EXTENDED UNTIL OCT 3rd!

(Regular price is $750, goes up on October 3rd so make sure you sign up now!)

This Portal is open to only 22 women!

Due to current events, we are requiring proof of vaccination to attend this event. All staff at this portal are vaccinated & masking when out. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing that you are vaccinated, that you will provide proof of vaccination at the door, and that you will sign a Covid Consent Form upon arrival. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our staff.

Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a friend or another attendee. Please reach out with questions.

Founder & President of Back to the Body

Founder & President of Back to the Body, Certified Somatic Sex Educator, Speaker, Blogger and Author of Shameless (Rodale, 2011)

Back to the Body Vice President of Operations, Core Team Practitioner, and Certified Somatic Sex Educator

Back to the Body Vice President of Operations, Core Team Practitioner, co-founder of The Apollo Project for men and the Happy Touch Movement

Certified Back to the Body Method Premiere Practitioner and Back to the Body Team

Certified Back to the Body Method Practitioner and Team, Somatic Sex Educator, Surrogate Partner Intern, and Founder of The Body Vox

Sex Educator, Relationship Coach, & Licensed Psychotherapist

Sex Educator, Relationship Coach, & Licensed Psychotherapist

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