To find yourself
just bring your body

It isn’t just a retreat
It’s a return to your life

Pamela and her team of certified Back to the Body Method™ practitioners use their expertise to guide you through a transformative, whole-body healing journey that’s individually tailored to fit your specific needs. All you have to do is bring your body.

backed by science

In the first published study of sexological bodywork, women who attended our retreats experienced statistically significant changes in:

body image
sexual self-image
sexual satisfaction
Read more about the study here.

In-depth interviews revealed five major themes:

feeling safe
connecting to self and others
feeling acceptance and permission
exploring arousal and pleasure
transformative life changes
Read more about the study here.


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When I told you that you’ve changed my life, I sincerely meant it. You have shown me a way to find my way back to my authentic self. She was there all this time, hiding, fearing judgment and rejection. When you told me I would be a part of a supportive community I simply could not believe it. Rather I could not fathom that it could be true for me. Thank God, I was dead wrong. BttB has quieted my restlessness and calmed my fragmented heart. It has grown me in very uncomfortable AND important ways. Thank you for helping me become the person I was meant to be. I am so very grateful.


Up until very recently, hands-on sexual healing has been cloaked in secrecy, shame, and misunderstanding. But a bold new group of courageous pioneers such as Pamela Madsen is leading the way toward a deeper, richer understanding of women’s sexual pleasure as a force for health and healing that positively affects all areas of their lives. The new feminism includes embracing our erotic power, and hands on sexual healing in the right setting can be a very effective way to accomplish this.

Christiane Northrup, M.D. Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

Dearest Pamela, You have given me a gift that is beyond description. The work you do and the care and love that you inject into your profound purpose, has completely transformed my life. You infused hope into parts of me where I wasn’t sure hope could still exist.I am a different person from when I first met you, THANK GOD, and thank YOU for your boldness, bravery, and fearless leadership that is making this world a better place. Love you so much

Chelsey Attendee

Pamela Madsen is an erotic genius who has created a six-day communal immersion process where women learn to integrate sexual arousal into all parts of their bodies and lives. Along with her extraordinary team; through group and solo practices and receiving the option of complimentary daily sensuous bodywork, participants unleash a remarkable state of sustained sexual arousal. And then are coached in ways to use that state. Back to The Body is the Master Class of my dreams. I wish I had a vulva.

Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. Co-creator of Sexological Bodywork and the Body Electric School

If you are looking for a “one size fits all” formula for female arousal, then look elsewhere because here at Back to the Body, you will find a team of highly trained, skilled body whisperers who will meet you exactly where you are, each and every time. I just completed Mastery in Mexico where I unabashedly claimed my status as an Outlier. In the midst of a powerful erotic experience, I found myself pushing my body to catch up to the experience my sisters were having, only to brought back by one of the practitioners whispering to me, “No, listen to YOUR body. What does she need?” In that moment, frustration erupted from me yet again, but this time, for the very first time, an opening occurred within my body. Permission. Permission to be different. Permission to be myself. Permission to discover MY orgasm arc, free from trauma, free from comparison, free from any models provided by experts.

Meenal Kelkar

I have attended Pamela’s Back to the Body retreats. She profoundly understands, supports and creates space for women to be their own healers and self-awakeners. The resources, body workers, rituals, education, and beautiful environment of her retreats... combined with her authentic love for women is the magical recipe that truly works. She knows instinctively when a participant needs her own space or ritual to heal and she honors that. She doesn’t subscribe to any scripts nor does she force feed anything to the women. She knows when and how to step in and provide tools/support to help a woman find her way.

Pamela’s belief and trust in a woman’s own ability to heal and empower herself is the foundation from which all her work is built.


My experience at Back to the Body taught me lessons that went way beyond the bedroom and all the way to the boardroom. I found myself feeling so naturally confident in myself that I have trouble recognizing the woman I used to be.


I always thought that something was wrong with me. All these women talking about all these fabulous experiences with sexuality. I always felt left out of the conversation. Well, that is over and I am ready for more!


I felt so seen, loved, looking after and held, grounded, tender and fierce all at the same time. I am always in awe of how much I allow myself to be more me when I’m given space to breathe and move.


I am sitting here melting into the pure deliciousness of the past few days with you. It was PURE MAGIC!! So many wide and huge emotions running through me. My body is feeling alive, electric and every cell is dancing.

Most of all, I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. You both give of yourselves so fully and wholeheartedly that it takes my breath away. To be at the receiving end of this immense generosity is quite exquisite, inspiring and yummy. Thank you... Thank you for taking care of me so beautifully. I felt like a queen. Nourished, tended to, cuddled, my every need anticipated and met. I loved our meals together and our shared conversations. The games we played. For the way you laughed and giggled and danced with me, felt my tears, held every piece of me with nothing but love. For helping me open places in me that I had forgotten. For the way you met and held my moments of struggle, with your huge hearts - no judgement, just compassion and love and understanding for where I was at. You made loving space for all of it. For the permission you give. Simply by being uniquely you. Thank you for this incredible playground bubble you created - with the safety and boundaries and all the toys inside to play with!! For the way you both eased in and out of different roles so effortlessly. It really is a beautiful thing to see you both in your purpose - deeply and passionately loving what you do. You inspire me with your pleasure filled and fierce devotion. Thank you for showing me this way - for the embodied experience of what can happen when pleasure is allowed to lead. You gave me a huge glimpse of what more is possible. More blank and dark spaces in me filled in - I have left this time with a new found confidence to vocalize what I want. You have helped me breathe wind into my sails again. What you offer women in this space is mesmerizing, bold and life changing... AND SO MUCH FUN!! It was the ultimate decadence to receive such a highly customized personal experience from you. It was a true pleasure to spend this time with you both. You make a beautiful team! Your combined and shared experience and attention to guide, flow and pivot was an honor to witness. There are so many beautiful moments and memories that I will hold preciously from this week. And I know that this is just the beginning. Thank you to both of you from the top and bottom of my heart. A full bodied giggling and writhing of gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU until next time... with much love

Room Service Private Retreat Attendee

Thank you for the gift of this exquisite Portal weekend. Your work is phenomenal. I’m truly grateful to have had this taste. My heartfelt thanks to your team.

Reeca Attendee

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Meet the founder
Pamela Madsen

Pamela Madsen, an extraordinary somatic wellness educator, has captivated women worldwide with her transformative approach to self-discovery and intimate connection. Combining both her master’s degree in education and her certificates in sexological bodywork, Pamela's expertise extends far beyond conventional boundaries, earning her the title of a true trailblazer in the realm of women's wellness.

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