Let's take the scenic route!

Hi People of the Page,

I love to collect adventures.

Some people don't. They want life to be mostly a straight line. Life is basically about staying in your lane, about going from here to there. It's about this notion of safety and control. People tend to want to be efficient about work, money, sex, and love. They often want everything delivered to their homes. You know, online courses, groceries, movies. People often ask me to "Come to them". Why aren't I going to Texas? Or LA when I am so close in San Francisco? 

They are missing the part of the equation that self discovery often happens best when they leave what they know. It can mean a suitcase, a car trip, a train, or an airplane. It can mean a country where they don't speak the same language. 

I am spending this time in my life inviting people to go on the scenic route of coming back to their body with me and my extraordinary team. It works and it's a repeatable experiment. (Experiment? Yep. Read the blog on the research to back us up!)  I'm inviting women to come live a life that people write novels about. 

Join me NOW, this year -- not next year! -- at our upcoming cowgirl celebration retreat in the plains of Colorado (June), at the return of The Opening (a mini Back to the Body taster in October in Upstate NY), or our retreat filled with rituals in Mexico (November). Feeling like there's too many obstacles to get to the scenic route? Chat with our navigation experts to get support and see what routes you could take.

Isn't it time for a sensuous and spiritual adventure back to your body? 

Come take the scenic route. 

Loving you from here and I hope to meet you soon, Pamela Madsen