The Invitation Relationship Loop

It's the first writing of 2022

And I think it's an annual piece of writing for me. I am writing about invitation's again.

I love writing about invitations. How do we invite people into our lives. How do we invite people into our beds. How do we invite people into laughter and orgasm and safety and friendship. How do we invite people into doing business with us - and come to our events and learn with us?

How do we use our words, our actions, our very hearts to create the perfect invitation so that our people can find us and answer us.

And then, how do we keep inviting. Because people need to be re-invited into our lives all the time. They are re-invited by inclusion, by loving words, by golden compliments, by the giving of attention and appreciation, but offering consistency and dependability.

I am beginning to think that our ability to create an authentic, loving and welcoming invitation is the biggest key to so much that most of us want in our lives. It's the first offering and every offering after that. If we can't authentically create a clear and loving invitation - people are not likely to respond and offer invitations back. People are not likely to stay in our lives.

We may find that people are not offering a RSVP. Mastering the gift of relationship (any relationship) begins with learning how to invite. And then of course - we need to learn how to accept. Because it is hard to keep inviting without hearing any kind of RSVP. And, how we respond, whether it is with a "Yes" or a "No" determines how any offers are ever made in the future.

It's a "Invitation Relationship Loop" of inviting, re-inviting, accepting or declining - each time. No invitations and no responses creates numbness and endings. Dear, beautiful people of my page. Please accept my invitation to join me on my continuing journey in 2022. I promise to be dependable in my offering.

You will find consistently, authenticity, playfulness, vulnerability, my best insights, tips on sexuality and relationships and sometimes my own expanding heart -- right here.

Professionally, I will continue to innovate and pave new paths for retreats, workshops and now certification programs for women and couples of all genders. I promise to keep challenging myself and you about body image, and expanding our notion of what sex is and the meaning of the erotic. I promise to allow you to see me model great adventure, expanded sexuality and pleasure ceilings opened and closed.

And, as always, I will share my heart break too. I promise to allow you to see me fail as well as bring home the gold. You are invited on the journey with me --- whether it is through this page - or in my offerings or because you are in my own inner circle. Please know, that every time I post on this page; it's an invitation. An invitation for your eyes, your thoughts, your own expansion, your input, your wisdom and your love.

Thank you for always considering my invitations. All of them are made from the deepest parts of me. They are never causal. They are always made with intention, love and the hope to inform you in some way, inspire you, provoke you into action, make you laugh, or even to comfort you.

And, in your responses to me, you often offer the same gift back. You honor me by reading. I hope you will RSVP! And that there is something here for you.

Loving you from here,

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