The Myth that We Dry Up

Dear People of The Page;

It's a myth that we dry up. We don't. We just block up the dam. Start here:ask yourself this simple question: What do you want? This is not mindless question; it's how we sort out our deepest heart yearnings from the noise of the world around us. We all must learn how to ask our bodies to talk to our souls. We all must learn to be still enough to hear the call, and be willing to listen to the answer.

Look around. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are your friends and your lovers? Who have you chosen to be your guides and teachers? How do you discriminate and choose between what appears to be easy to put in one's mouth and what is truly calling to your soul?

It's a myth that we dry up. We simply stop listening to our body's call. We actively stop listening to our own bodies intuition. Instead we become a walking "Priest Head" always judging, shaming, controlling and blocking. If we are made up of water; how could we dry up? And that is what the intuition is for; it is the direct messenger of the soul.

Let go of the mind as the censor. Allow yourself the freedom to choose your own life. Be open. Try on wild. Swim around obstacles. They are really just stories anyway to keep you stuck. This is the vibrant, alive, creative life that we all dream of; the life filled with living in the paradox; where everything is not clear and where pleasure and pain ride side by side.

Open your mouth. Let the water from the sky flow into your tongues as your tears run from your eyes. You will never dry up. You are wetness. Allow all of the stories of your life to simply flow in and out of you. Allow all the flavors; laughter, angers, tears and orgasms. Let go of the myth of who you are and bloom into the rain forest that is your essential being always.

A little more river is flowing.

Loving you from here,

Pamela Madsen