The "Wild Feminine" and Permission

There has been a term coined of "The Wild Feminine". There is talk of the rewilding of us domesticated females. But really we do not need to be "rewilded". It's there inside of us simply waiting. Our cellular memory is intact of this delicious relationship to our own wild selves. While it may be true, that these voices inside of us are neglected, buried and perhaps even outlawed---- women can still feel these voices inside ourselves. You may not have a name for her. You may not listen to her when she calls you. But I believe this Wild Feminine lives in our bones. If you look carefully you will be able to see her smiling back from your own eyes.   Just waiting for Permission to leap out.   What if you could give her that Permission?   Yes, you. No one else. Permission from yourself, to yourself, to drop in. Wake up. Live wild. Roar! Embrace everything inside yourself and in your body and bring it out into the world.   What could happen if you gave yourself that kind of Permission?   Want to meet a community of other women giving themselves Permission? Some of them will be with me in Los Angeles this December, at “Permission: A Back to the Body Portal for Women”. This non-residential event allows women to ask questions and explore what Back to the Body™ offers in a safe, weekend container. I’ll be talking about Permission, and so much more, with my incredible team. There will be live demonstrations, tools to take home, understanding, sisterhood, conversations with the healthy masculine, and a lot of fun. I hope you’ll give yourself the Permission to join us. This Portal is limited to 20 women, with only 4 spots left! I invite you to read more and sign up -- it really is an experience not to miss. Speaking of culture and sex and finding what lays within us, you should absolutely check out the recent episode of Sluts & Scholars! Niocletta Heidegger and I spoke about the ways that sex fits into our broader experiences, relationships, and life. Plus diving in depth into sacred intimacy, pleasure & grief intersections, eating disorders, and yes PERMISSION FOR PLEASURE. Give it a listen wherever you get your podcasts or head here

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen