The unique transformation offered by group experiences...

Dear people of the page,

Erotic energy can be a game of solitaire. Sexual energy can be explored alone. But it can also be explored and amplified in a group, workshop, retreat or with a teacher.

 When we explore erotic energy in a group setting - even with our clothing on and not directly engaging erotically with other people - we can find that our experiences can be far richer and multi dimensional than if we were exploring alone or with our partner in isolation. Group workshop experiences can be a transformational and sacred part of sexual healing.

In groups we listen, share, resonate, and support each other on our unique journey. In a circle of hands and hearts, people can come back to their bodies or rediscover themselves for the first time. There are arms and strong backs to catch us when we feel vulnerable or feel like we are falling. Sex can be not what we do, but can be an energy that we can share safely and with boundaries for an ultimate experience of mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

I'm committed, along with my team of somatic educators, to a very proven and constantly evolving arch of sensual transformation for women that happens in group settings; which is somatically based and emotionally supported. Yes, of course there are private sessions. It's innovative, driven by a passion for supporting women back into their full sensual expression so they can access their full power in every aspect of their life. It's cutting edge and no one else is doing this any where in the world the way that Back to the Body is.

Why are we doing this? That's the question that continues to drive us. The entire team is dedicated to supporting each woman personally on her journey to put down the mirror of society and feel her body in a way that she may never have thought possible. 

Through demonstration, touch, sound, movement, fantasy, photography, group and one on one support, group practice, new environments that excite and wake up the soul, and the unique combined experience of our team -- each woman has the opportunity to re-experience herself as an erotic being. And then, we support each woman to pick up the mirror and see herself again; through her own eyes. It's a magnificent journey.

 The entire BttB Team is deep in prep for our next Retreat experience. Our sold out retreat in Costa Rica, and then our unique Surrender fantasy offering a month and a half later. The 2023 retreats are half sold out and half selling fast. Our April retreat in Maui still has spots for a lush tropical erotic re-experiencing.

And you too can be invited into our circle. Life often begins with a baby step. And with each baby step you move forward. Can we invite you into a consultation? 

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen