The "Where Has My Body Gone?!" Story

Dearest People of the Page,

I want to talk about a story that you might know personally. I call it The "WHERE HAS MY BODY GONE?!" Story.

"Where has my body gone?" She says.

"I want my body back." She moans.

"I didn't use to look like this." She sobs.

Here's the deal: 1.  Your body has never left you. It's still here.

2. Your body just like your life changes form. Life is evolutionary. Why would your body stay the same after each big life transition?

3. This idea that our bodies should look and act like it did in High School, College, Before a child was born, Before any or the many life transitions ---- is something women are being sold --- so we can pay to fight our bodies. So we can be controlled. So that we can be distracted and consumed by this idea that we are not desirable instead of actively going after what we desire. We are sold and carefully taught this notion that our bodies are NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE OR WORTHY. And that story limits our lives. Let me repeat that. THIS STORY LIMITS OUR LIVES.

4. Your body is on your team. It's your consort. It never left you. It's still here. It's not fighting you. It just wants to be loved and offered love. Our bodies want to be listened to, and our bodies want to be seen with loving eyes. Your body is busy running your life: your breath, your digestion, your every move. Your body has never left you. And your body wants to play and have fun NOW.

5. The only thing that is holding you back from experiencing all the pleasures of this body of now vs the body of before is YOUR PERCEPTION AND JUDGEMENT of your own BODY.

6. You have grown in ability and experience in your changing body and your body is far more capable now of taking you on a journey than it has ever been in the past. Are you willing to acknowledge your bodies willingness to be there for you?

7. This STORY that this body that you are in is somehow no longer attractive, sexy, acceptable or even worthy is a bunch of crap that has been carefully marketed to you by the media, the medical profession, diet culture, make up companies and plastic surgeons who want to convince you that you have a problem that needs fixing. They want to sell you that fix. That next face cream. That next diet. That next thing. Without that fix who would want your body? Certainly not you. Screw that story. Let's not renew the series.

There is no WRONG Body. Got that?

And once you can come from a place of your body BEING worthy and important and desirable ---- THEN you can opt into taking care of this amazing body that is yours in a way that is loving and healthy. In a way that you enjoy.

When we love and accept our bodies instead of trying to "get back" our bodies, we are then able to nurture and care for our beautiful selves out of a place of self care instead of a place of please fix me.

I hope there is something here for you,

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen