Your Greatest Partner is Yourself

Dear People of The Page; This is really important and it's flowing out of my soul this morning like hot red lava. There is healing here. Maybe for you. Read this. When I talk about coming "Back to the Body"; what I am in part talking about is this idea of "Self-Partnering". When we disconnect to ourselves by not believing in our own worth via messages of shaming, or being told or believing in the lack of our own self worth which can be a subtle, but continuous erosion over time-- we disassociate from our bodies, our sexuality and sometimes stop believing in our own decision making processes. It is all related. So we look to hand over this power; because we falsely believe that our ability to make the right choices is questionable--- so we are always seeking someone outside of ourselves to show us the way, take care of us or support us. STOP RIGHT THERE. This is the moment that we get into BIG TROUBLE. That is the moment that the Guru, Narcissist or the Controller steps in. Because you want them to. You want to give away your power because you don't feel safe holding your own power for the very simple reason that you don't trust yourself, your instincts, your GPS, your body and your sexuality. And it's exactly this dis-connect, this place of not trusting your own body and that takes you right into the hands of people who will take advantage of you. When you are not self partnered in your own body and your own sexuality - you don't trust yourself so you are always looking for outside counsel -- and people who will lead the way for you and keep you safe. The more you go deeply into these relationships-- instead of going deeper into relationship with your own body, learning to trust your own body and your own instincts -- you will become even more disassociated and vulnerable to predators or even other disconnected people ---where you will place your trust because you THINK you need someone to lead the way. You think that "THEY" have the answers and you become even more disassociated. And you will feed right into their pattern of needing control over others -- to feel that they are whole. Yes...there are interlocking patterns where the disconnected meet the disconnected --- and in the end what is left is some very bad drama. Look, we are pack animals. We like to run in packs. I think the key is how to function in "inter-dependence". It's that balance of owning our own skin and being able to love and work with others without giving up ourselves. If you are relating to what I am writing; please know that you are not alone. So many of us are on a journey to wash ourselves free and reclaim what we always had in the first place. Some call this a "soul journey", I call this a journey back to our own bodies. A time to reclaim ourselves, our desires, our pleasures, our boundaries and the ability to trust ourselves. It's a time to reclaim your own power so you can be a healthy member of the tribe. Why did so many people in Jones Town drink the Kool-Aid? Were they crazy? No -- but they were not self partnered - they were not in a trust relationship with their own bodies. So they did what they were told to do -- for them it meant death. But it can be far more subtle - this way of being can sometimes bring us to places that can lead us to a complete disassociation from our erotic selves - and our own ability to choose the right partners in love and in business. What so many of us need to do is take back our own power and that begins with our journey back to our bodies. And that journey takes time. but it's really the first step that we need to begin the process to trust again. I hope you read this message. It was written from my heart. Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen