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16 Video Self-Study Course for Women to Get Back to the Body

16 Modules of all NEW Back to the Body Practices

Pamela Madsen, founder of Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women, has created the all NEW offering of her key teachings and methods just for YOU. The entire course is being offered at $97. Click here to purchase

This Self-Study course includes:

Module 1:  Mind

Video 1:  Living your Authentic as Fuck Life

Video 2:  Desire is the Real Female Orgasm

Video 3:  Becoming a Self Seeker

Video 4: Making the Choice to Be Seen

Module 2:  Heart

Video 1:  Embracing the HeartErotic

Video 2:  The Rebellious Heart

Video 3:  The Evolutionary Heart

Video 4:  Heart Connected Intimacy

Module 3:  Belly

Video 1:  Belly Shame

Video 2:  Reunion Pain

Video 3:  Embracing the Fierce Feminine

Video 4:  Playing with Your Food is Good for Your Sex Life

Module 4:  Vulva

Video 1:  Genital Self Esteem- The "normal" Vulva

Video 2:  The Arousal Principle & Your Vulva as Your Pilot Light

Video 3:  Pleasure Ceilings-How to Get More of What You Want

Video 4:  Menstruation to Menopause-Lies Our Doctors Told Us

The 16 Video course covers the following:

Align your values, desires and behaviors to live authentically Use your obstacles as opportunities Learn what your sexual history can teach you Explore what holds you back from taking the best piece for yourself Feel safe with being seen Discover the power of vulnerability Be a rebel and get off your back Release your historical patterns and be courageous Create your own version of intimacy Let go of the body shame Dignify what you desire Let down your guard Redefine play and sexuality Honor your vulva Lean into your discomfort to break the pleasure ceiling Create a self-pleasure practice that is evolutionary Come back to your body as a loyal lover

What we know is true:

Menopause does not end pleasure Sex-less relationships can transform Your sexuality is in your control The mind can become your biggest ally to sexual satisfaction Body images that the media feeds you are wrong Your sexual wholeness and desires don't end at 50 Any age can heal sexual trauma Being a sexual woman does not have to hold shame You can become a great sexual communicator