My Mission in Life

It's an odd mission in life - isn't it? Being placed on this planet to heal, transform and celebrate the vulva, the vagina, the pussy. To unite women with their own body, and understand that their pussy is their very own pilot light.

After all, I started out teaching kindergarten.

Somehow, I don't think this is what my parents had in mind for me.

And here I am writing about pussies, creating space for pussies, and permissioning pussies every day in so many ways!

Finding out that your mission is all about humanity's relationship to a woman's pussy, and her own relationship to her own body is an interesting path. It's about seeing what isn't quite visible to the eye, and helping people see it in all the ways that will heal, transform, and shake up your life.

It's about welcoming pleasure, helping women find their voice so that they can speak their desire. It's about knowing that all of your parts are connected and that nobody is broken.

That's what I do. I don't "Whisper" vaginas, vulvas, pussies, or yoni's. I'm not that shy about it.

Instead I amplify the vagina, the vulva, the pussy -- and all of those that love her.

I invite you to work with me. Check out my team's calendar for a complimentary consultation and my one of a kind immersion sexuality retreats. We have a Portal coming up in December in Los Angeles if you want to experience a taste of what we do. And our next retreat with open spots is in Maui in April.

Come see what celebrating the vulva is all about -- let's amplify YOU.

I know there's something here for you.

Loving you from here,

Pamela Madsen