Why Women Need Each Other

Do you want to know the missing ingredient in women's leadership? It's women who are connected and in right with each other.

What is true is that women used to share their lives in far more intimate ways then they do now in "modern society". We often shared mates, raised children together, cooked and gathered food together. Women supported women in daily life on emotional and physical levels. Women nurtured each other. Somehow, this has gotten lost, where instead of having each other's back, women trade in mistrust with the feminine. Competition between women has wrecked our sense of tribe. And it's not just patriarchy, my friend Lori Sutherland called it "PussyArchy" where women have to prove their power over each other. And this has effected everything in women's lives. From the lack of support and nourishment that having a sisterhood can bring them, to weird anger at each other from everything from sexuality to body image and mate competition.

Women who are a part of a sisterhood drop the armor and stop playing small and mean. There are some very real threats to women right now, and we need each other more than ever. Woman who are a part of a sisterhood know how to access their energy in a way that can turn them into a force of nature. The time is now to reach for our unique feminine power and join hands with our sisters.

Women who trust women and women who are "Trustable" are in their full feminine power in the face of rolled back rights for women in our country. You need to be in your body. You need to be in the full force of your power. There is no more waiting for the right time.

Together, we will help you stand in your power and greatness. This is the time for women to thrive, open, and have the tools to stand up; not just for themselves but for their daughters and for their communities.

We will drop the cloaks that have held us hostage for so long and are threatening to take us hostage again; body self loathing, the inability to speak our desires, our boundaries, and not claiming our pleasure. Join EACH OTHER to walk together in your fullness and with your sisters. We need you to be in your fullness. YOU need to be in your fullness -- every part of you. From your vagina to your heart.

It's the perfect time for your own declaration of embodiment. The time is truly now to understand the cultural fear of women and why women have been taught to fear, hate and mistrust their own bodies and each other.

The power of reclamation is in inside of you and with other women. Together we will expand our own sexual power and release body shame. We need women with strong backs and soft fronts with an incredibly wild and open heart on this planet right now. It's time to learn how to stoke, shift and bring your own energy to the world. The world needs you.

Find your sisters. They will give you the nurturing and the encouragement to heal and grow and move forward again. When you find them, you will open up a safe, supportive and sacred space that is free of PussyArchy and Patriarchy. Sisterhood is a place where women hold each other in compassion and support. It's a place to bring your heart and dreams. Women have the ability to wrap you up in their arms and just hold you so that you can breath again. And a true sisterhood will not lean into competition and stab each other in the back. Instead they will process without judgement and fear.

There is nothing more powerful than a circle of women. I know. I stand in them every day. So many circles and one big circle at Back to the Body. It's possible you haven't found your sisterhood yet. Look around. They are there with open arms.

Loving you from here, Pamela Madsen