Refund Policy

$1,000 deposit is nonrefundable, $2,000 deposit is required for expansion and mastery, non-refundable.

Your deposit holds your retreat spot initially but you must have a monthly payment plan in place that begins on a date within 30 days of your deposit and ends on a date no later than 6 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. If you neglect to set up a payment plan with our staff in the 30 day window following your deposit, we will park your deposit for 30 days but no longer hold your spot in the specific retreat you requested. After the 30 day parked period for the deposit (total of 60 days since initial deposit payment) if you have not applied the deposit to a new retreat and set up a payment plan, your deposit will be forfeit.

Payments and deposits are subject to our terms and conditions. Remaining balances for retreats are due in full 6 weeks prior to the start of the retreat. 

We strongly encourage Trip Insurance to cover your deposit and payments in the event of being unable to attend.

Payments in full receive a 3% discount.  Please take out trip insurance if you pay in full as this entire payment is nonrefundable.

In the extreme circumstance that you find you must transfer to another retreat, you may do so subject to a $1,000 transfer fee. Transfers for retreats within the United States can be approved by Back to the Body 90 days prior to the start of a retreat you had committed to and 120 days prior to an international travel (outside the US) retreat.

Trip Insurance

For all of our international retreats, you must take out your own trip insurance that will cover your investment and medical intervention and evacuation should you encounter an emergency situation or injury.

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