Room Service

What is "Room Service"?

One of Back to the Body's newest programs is our VIP experience, individualized to your needs.

It's a highly personalized mini-retreat with members of the Back to the Body Team, Pamela Madsen and Court Vox, Cosmo Meens, Barry Carl, or Tim Weaver provide a dynamic duo to support your work. It's a completely private and VIP immersion experience into the somatic. Have you been curious about Back to the Body and want to dip your toe in? Or are you one of our regular Back to the Body women yearning for this work?

Please email me directly to set up a time to talk, I will answer all your most private questions, talk about the available dates in August in the tri-state area, costs and details. We will take the time to talk about how this highly personalized mini-retreat could serve you now.

  • New York dates in August and October are available

  • LA dates in September and January 2021 are available

  • San Francisco dates in October are available

  • Joshua Tree, California dates in March of 2021 are available

To explore this as an option for you, email

This option is available to woman and to couples. When you set up a consult directly with Pamela Madsen she will answer your questions and determine if this is the right fit for you.

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