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12 Ideas for Overcoming Your Sexual Obstacles

Have you ever felt stalled in your sex life? Like your libido has left the building? Well you're not alone. We all struggle at some point, but we get to choose how we handle that struggle.

Are you suppressing yourself?

Women have been carefully taught to suppress the notion of the "powerful erotic creature" --- but why is there this myth of being small to succeed? What do we risk when we give in to it? And what is possible on the other side?

The Magic of Touch Worth Having

Do you have touch worth having in your life? Do you know how you want to be touched? Have you been offered that? What could the magic of touch worth having unlock for you?

How To Change Your Mind (Really)

Want to change your mindset? Open yourself up to deep experiences? Well spoiler alert: it's not only psychotropics that can take you there.

Ready for a good flirting?

Let's learn to "sip" erotic energy, practice a "catch & release" style of fishing, or to put it plainly: let's flirt!

Sex is a Body Experience

Not a mind experience, or an emotional experience, or a spiritual experience. Yes, it can have aspects of all of those, but at its heart -- the erotic is in the body.

On having a Love Practice

You remember that old adage, right? Practice makes perfect? Or how our teachers used to tell us to practice learning through our homework? Well what if I told you that what really matters in our lives needs practice too...

Un-Loving is Impossible

You can't un-know love. But maybe that's actually the biggest blessing of them all.

About Women: Reclaimings & Reflections

What is it about women? Or rather: What is it that's so POWERFUL about women? Let's talk emotions, and sexuality, and change, and power.

Lessons from the Past Decade

Reflecting on the movement it feels like I'm in and leading.... What does looking back at more than 10 years show us about this work?

The Struggles of Self Love

Does it ever feel like "self love" is just one more job you're not living up to? This proclamation that we have to love ourselves totally before we can be loved? Or worse; if we are not deeply self loving that we're somehow broken? Well, screw that.

My "Naked" Truth About Sexuality & Body Image

Our sexuality is a holistic experience that's unique in it’s expression from human to human. Sexuality is not geometry; it’s a living container. If we agree we don’t have sexuality “all figured out”, how do we support women to explore, feel safe, and heal?

Why Women Need Each Other

Reflections on sisterhood, and why women thrive when they surround themselves with other women in love and nurturing. Influenced just a tad by the current state of things in the world.

My Mission in Life

I'm not sure many little girls say they want to grow up to be the great celebrator of vulvas, but here we are!

Healing the Feminine Sisterhood Wound

Are you truly heart-open with other women? Do you ever feel in competition with your lady friends? Let's talk about a hugely under-discussed hunger that women have....

Inside the Mind of a Sex Educator

This is about sex, but I will start with food. And it's about adding to the conversation, too, and finding the new and the expanded. So what's the first course?

The Myth that We Dry Up

What if instead there's just something blocking the dam? Embracing our rivers and wetness.

Screw Erotic Band Aids

Letting go of the easy band-aids and embracing the wisdom of arousal...

Embodied Memory

Learning to recognize historical trauma in the body, and find new paths forward.

Your Greatest Partner is Yourself

Why your greatest partner is yourself, and how self-partnering helps us break unhealthy dependent relationships in our life. (And protect us from future ones.)

Your Ever Changing Sexuality

Your sexuality will change during your life -- ebb and flow, shift and grow and recede, be easy or difficult -- but that doesn't ever mean its gone.

Are You Ready to Take a Pleasure Pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage is a rite of passage. There are few rites of passage for us to meet our erotic selves. For us to learn about our body and it's connection to our pleasure and our soul. So how do you begin such a pilgrimage?

Expansions & Contractions

Ever heard of expansion and contraction? Sure, athletes might be quite familiar, or maybe you've felt that way after a night out. But what about in your heart?

The Pleasure Paradox

Why tapping into pleasure is not as simple as you would think, and how we hold generational influence in our bodies.

Why Men Over 40 are Hot

There is a lot of attention on older women seeking younger men. I think that men get better after 40. Here's why.

Understanding the Magic of Erotic Immersion

what is erotic immersion? what can its magic transform? join the whole back to the body™ team in this free webinar as we discuss the magic of erotic immersion and how we use it in our work!

The Invitation Relationship Loop

Thank you for always considering my invitations. All of them are made from the deepest parts of me. They are never causal. They are always made with intention, love and the hope.